Event: CTCNET 2005 Conference

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ITSC believes that a well crafted technology plan begins with a complete overview of the current technology status that details the goals of the technology and its current uses. Our technology assessments include the cataloging of software packages, computer systems and computer network infrastructures.

Gap Analysis
We provide an analysis of your business operations and pinpoint efficiency gaps that can be vastly improved with the proper use of technology. Using our expert analytical techniques, we determine the ITSC Tech Index of your organization and use this to create a technology plan that targets the heart of your organizations operations.

Network Infrastructure Assessment
We analyze your computer network, servers and clients. A strong technical identity begins with an efficient computer network. ITSC performs a comprehensive evaluation that locates effiency bottlenecks and determines the competency of your client workstations and the server systems that maintain your network and facilitate file and print sharing.


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